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Responsive Web Design

We build Next-Gen Responsive Websites

What is reponsive web design and why does it matter?

Google recently updated their search engine rankings to make mobile friendliness an important ranking criteria. Their new algorithm favours mobile and tablet friendly websites over static (fixed width) sites that makes them more tricker to use on smaller devices. Responsive Design is a set of inter-related web technologies that increases useability for mobile phones, tablets and other devices for surfing the internet. As designers and developers, it’s our job to ensure that all devices are given the same treatment.

Our websites are mobile-ready as standard – Prices start from £585.00

R.W.D is an approach to building websites using a range of web technologies which displays a website at an optimal viewing experience for a given device. Look at a responsive web page on your desktop computer and you will see the content spread out across the screen. Look at the same page on a mobile device and you will see the same content, but instead of the need to pan, zoom and fiddle around with the mobile viewport, the overall experience will be more like using a phone app.


Depending on a devices’ screen width, the user experience changes, so for example, navigational menus on a desktop will be expecting the user input to be mouse driven, on a phone or tablet, touch and gestures are expected so the navigation would turn into a button menu. Fluid grids, flexible images, and media queries are the three technical ingredients for responsive web design – if you would like to learn more about some of the hands on aspects of RWD – we highly recommend this article by Ethan Marcotte.

Recently, Google updated their search engine ranking algorithm and it is a fair assumption, that responsive websites are now in favour over static / fixed width websites. Time and time again, we see that RWD sites are doing better in the Search results and Google have officially announced that RWD sites will be given priority when searches are being made from a Mobile or Tablet device.

You can see Responsive web design in Action right now if you are on a desktop computer! is a responsive site, if you undock your browser window so that you can resize it, and drag from the right hand edge to make the viewport smaller, you will see how we go from a wide view to tablet to mobile view – see how the navigation changes and how we go from content areas in blocks next to each other, to taking the same content and stacking them on top of the other for mobiles.