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As well as building WordPress apps, we can build bespoke content management systems and get them working with payment solutions. Whether you need product management, sales and orders suites – we have you covered! As standard, you can expect an awesome user experience for both your administrators and your customers, running off SSL (Secure, encrypted connections) and fast support from us! We’re there, whenever you need it!

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We offer a range of options when it comes to e-commerce. We have a solid skillset in developing WooCommerce (WordPress) sites and are able to roll these out much faster than building the backend of the site from scratch which obviously keeps the development time down and therefore the cost. These websites are perfect for stores that sell in a typical online shop setup. For example, you can expect a great looking home page, standard info pages, customers can browse through product categorys, search, find their products, create an account and pay for their goods and services at the checkout, we will also create email templates that matches the design of your site for your sales department and customers. You will also have access to a suite for reviewing your orders, customer information and sales analytics. There are also many features available to automatically calculate shipping prices and notify your shipping provider, automatically create invoices and so on.

Alternatively, if you are needing a more flexible approach that needs specialist features for your customers and a bespoke backend for your administrators and customers, we have a solid skillset in building codeigniter applications. Codeigniter is a PHP framework that helps us to rapidly deploy bespoke applications and websites. It basically takes a lot of the work out of coding things like working with the database, user authentication, file operations and so on, its extremely lightweight in terms of performance and delivers amazing results.

Please note: Due to the huge amount of PCI-DSS requirements for taking credit card details directly on your website, we prefer to use 3rd party payment gateway systems. There are many options that will make the gateway page look exactly like your own site, this means that the customer is not aware that they are being redirected to a gateway page, however the main benefit of doing things this way is that a large amount of heat (including PCI Compliance audits) is automatically lifted, meaning you can concentrate on taking payments and running your business, without the added stress.